About Us

ChandCare Health Solutions is a health insurance brokerage founded on the idea of building client relations and providing the best care and affordable coverage. We are dedicated to serving as your benefits broker. Established in Atlanta, Georgia, we offer a range of cost effective insurance plans and free value added services for our clients. As well, we provide a wealth of knowledge and offer guidance when our clients need it most. In a changing economy, where the cost of health insurance keeps rising, we understand the need for our clients to have affordable coverage without sacrificing benefits. We truly care about the small details and realize it is time to give back to our clients. Isn’t it time that extraordinary service did not have to be extraordinarily expensive?    

Carrier Relationships 

At ChandCare we work with only the most financially stable, ethically driven, insurance companies in the business. When representing you, it is our responsibility to offer the best insurance recommendations. In order to provide the best service, we negotiate your rates with each insurance company and present our recommendations. Individuals, families, and businesses, we understand your concerns and your need to feel protected. We realize protecting your loved ones with the best insurance is vital to your sense of wellbeing.

Understanding our clients and providing what they need 

We specialize in bridging the gap between people and their healthcare. With a consultative approach, ChandCare Health Solutions listens to your needs, designs a comprehensive benefits program to fit your needs, educates both you and your employees on the benefits elected, and implements your insurance program. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we work diligently to achieve this. Many insurance brokers promise the best care and the best services, but we have proven ourselves in the industry by going the extra mile while providing free additional benefits that most brokers do not offer.

Employers, we understand you have many responsibilities as a business owner. Providing the most affordable health insurance without sacrificing benefits and quality should not be a constant concern. At ChandCare Health Solutions, we provide guidance so you are able to make well informed decisions regarding the benefits and value you bring to your employees and your company.

Individuals and Families, we also hear your concerns. Your health and the health of your loved ones are your foremost concerns. With so many choices, making a decision can be quite confusing. We personally work with you to learn about your needs and guide you in making the right decisions. At ChandCare Health Solutions, we are here to help so you feel confident about your health insurance program.

When you are ready, we are here to put together a comprehensive and affordable benefits plan. We look forward to helping you build a healthier future.