Giving Back

Helping Hearts, Helping Hands: Giving back starts with an idea of helping others and teaming up with people to make it happen. Inspiring a group of people can create a positive change and bring life to a necessary cause. That is why ChandCare Health Solutions is joining forces with our clients to give back and make a difference for those who are suffering from chronic and terminally ill diseases.

The Marie Grace Foundation

About Our Cause

The Marie Grace Foundation was established by ChandCare Health Solutions as a way to help those in need suffering from chronic and life-threatening illnesses.  The foundation formed after two close family members were diagnosed with heart disease and internal cancer.  The passion to help others has always inspired us to be more than just an insurance brokerage.  Understanding that research always needs financial support, we began the foundation as a way to promote funding, encourage wellness, and to help unite people in making a difference.

The Marie Grace Foundation works by teaming up with our clients and donating a percentage of our monthly insurance commissions to the foundation, Stand Up To Cancer. Each contribution is based on the purpose of giving back and helping those in need. The Marie Grace Foundation is just our way to promote awareness and help win the battle against cancer.

Please contact us to learn more about our cause and how you can help because helping hearts need helping hands.