Value Added Services

ChandCare Health Solutions offers an array of free value added services to both our small and large sized clients.  At ChandCare, we believe in exceeding our client’s expectations and bringing value that will set us apart from most brokers.  We have always believed in giving back and setting the bar for quality service.   Our value added services are designed to save our clients time and money and provide more options to their employees.  We truly believe that by bringing more to the table, we are able set a higher standard and build lasting relationships with our clients.

Depending on the size of your corporation, we are able to offer the following services to complement your health insurance package: 

  1. Payroll Services
  2. Wellness Benefits
  3. HR Consultation
  4. Benefits Portal to access company and benefits information 24/7
  5. Cobra Administration
  6. Pre-Tax Administration
  7. Claims Advocacy
  8. Monthly Service Follow-Up
  9. Enhanced Client Services
  10. Product Design and Implementation
  11. Annual Contract Review


"The idea of a health insurance brokerage should be so much more than a company that provides insurance quotes and implements an insurance program. As we progress in life, it is crucial to always strive to be the best and to be a resource our clients can depend on. At ChandCare Health Solutions, we are constantly working to understand our client's needs and expectations and continue to build meaningful relationships."

-Erika Chand, CEO of ChandCare Health Solutions